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  • About: Canada Online - features articles and a library of annotated links to Canadian business, government, education, leisure, and consumer information.
  • Alcanseek - comprehensive searchable database and directory featuring Alaskan and Canadian web sites.
  • Atlantic Canada Online - offers web services, travel information, entertainment information, and more.
  • - Canadian newspaper family with national, world, business, sports, and lifestyle news.
  • Canadian Content - includes a directory which can searched and browsed, forums, commentary, and more.
  • Canajun Guide to Canada - features a directory about Canada for visitors and Canadians alike.
  • Google Canada - employs text-matching techniques to find pages that are both important and relevant to a user's search.
  • LookSmart Canada - searchable, category-based Web directory.
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    Stop spam Computer Viruses
    Telemarketers Portals and Search Engines
    Computers Internet Resources
    Internet Fraud Law
    Software Books
    Business Phones and Answering Machines
    Home Office Programming
    News and Media Marketing

    Do you have a site that may be relevant to any of these catagories, if you do please add your URL to our directory

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    so we may find you a place for a relevant link exchange.

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